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Best Bang For Your Buck Carpet Cleaner 

Hoover Steam Vac

Hoover Steam Vac

This snazzy, ultra-modern blue model is equipped with a dependable 12-amp motor that has enough power to deep clean your carpets until they look brand-new. Designed to work with hot water from your tap, along with a special carpet-cleaning liquid, the Hoover Steam Vac gets some of the best customer reviews around.

This model is available for about one-hundred and fifty dollars, and it’s often available for less through the biggest online retailers, who tend to offer savings on their listed items.

In addition to the features listed above, the Hoover Steam Vac is also considered one of the highly rated carpet cleaners because of its grouping of spin-and-scrub brushes. These brushes dig deep into carpets without damaging their fibres, extracting deep-down dirt and grime.

If you need a shot of extra power while you’re cleaning your rugs, you may use the unit’s Clean Surge button to shoot a jet of concentrated cleaning liquid right at a particular trouble spot. This feature makes the unit quite versatile for spot cleaning or all-over cleaning.

Most Versatile Carpet Cleaner Machine

Bissell Lift-Off Deep Cleaner

Bissell Lift Off Deep Cleaner

Another carpet cleaner you my want to consider is the Bissell Lift-off Deep Cleaner, which is a mid-priced model that retails for about two hundred and sixty dollars (USD). This unique two-machines-in-one design makes it a hit in most carpet shampooer reviews, because it has one machine for deep cleaning the whole room and one machine for spot cleaning those pesky out-of-the-way areas.

Equipped with a hot water heater and Dirtlifter Power Brushes, this unit also feature Surround Suction to get at dirt that might be out of reach to most conventional carpet cleaners. Inside of every unit, there is a hot water heater that keeps tap water at the ideal temperature to ensure perfect cleaning every single time.

Customers’ Choice for Best Spot Carpet Cleaner

Bissell Spot Bot

Bissell Spot Bot

This handy unit allows you to clean away unsightly spots and stains while also choosing the perfect cleaning setting for each job. Designed for convenient hands-free cleaning, this portable carpet cleaner is equipped with Deep Reach engineering that allows you to get rid of dirt from the bottom up, which ensures thorough cleaning that leaves your rugs smelling fresh and lovely.

According to carpet cleaning reviews, this compact unit, which is quite affordable at about one hundred and fifty dollars, is a great choice for household use, because it also contains antimicrobial elements that battle bad smells and unhealthy, toxic molds.

Tired of Fido’s Smells and Stains? Try this Amazing Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains…

Hoover Steam Vac Pet

Hoover Steam Vac Pet

According to many carpet cleaner reviews online, consumers really enjoy the quality that they receive when they order the Hoover Steam Vac Pet carpet cleaner. This highly-ranked machine comes with a SpinScrub multiple rotating brush system that roots out even the most ground-in pet stains.

This unit offers a heater that keeps your cleaning fluid and tap water at the perfect temperatures, and it also features a convenient and useful Fingertip Clean Surge element to give you a “turbo-boost” of pure cleaning power whenever you need it; this extra feature is perfect for small stains or high-traffic areas.

Retailing for approximately one hundred and fifty dollars, this economical unit is an awesome carpet cleaner that pays for itself over time, because it keeps your home smelling clean and fresh and it isn’t hard to use. Lightweight, with a pleasingly simple design, the Hoover steam carpet cleaner it truly one of the best picks around.

Need The Best Carpet Cleaner for Commercial Spaces?

Bissell Big Green

Bissell Big Green

If you need a carpet cleaner for your shop or any other type of commercial spaces, you’ll love what most consumers who write carpet cleaner reviews have to say about the heavy-duty Bissell Big Green. This Bissell carpet cleaner is the perfect choice for people who need dependable, rugged construction that is designed to be used outside of the household.

Equipped with powerful Dirtlifter Powerbrushes that get rid of stubborn dirt and grime, this unit eliminates tough spots and stains with ease. Featuring a long hose for maximum reach, this great carpet cleaner also comes with a convenient tool that is made just for tackling the toughest stains in commercial spaces. Retailing for just over $450.00, the Bissell Big Green is more costly than household models, but it is really built to last.

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