Carpet Steam Cleaner Vs Carpet Shampooer

What Is The Difference Between A Carpet Steam Cleaner and Carpet Shampooer?

In case you are wondering what is the difference between a carpet steam cleaner and a carpet shampooer, you are not alone. Many people are generally confused with the terms used in the carpet cleaning industry. In reality, carpet steam cleaner and carpet shampooer are essentially the same thing. The confusion arises because many manufacturers of carpet cleaners today market their products as “steam cleaners” even though no actual steam is involved. However, they are not entirely wrong.

First we need to understand that there are cleaning machines called steam cleaners which use “dry” steam to clean and sanitize hard surfaces, like flooring and tiling and they are also capable of cleaning carpets with the proper attachments.

carpet steam cleaner vs carpet shampooer

What An Industrial Steam Cleaner Looks Like

The regular carpet steam cleaners that are found in homes from popular brands like Hoover or Bissell do not use steam. Carpet steam cleaning is an industry misnomer. A more appropriate name for this type of cleaning process is called hot water extraction. Read our article on Carpet Shampooer to understand how the hot water extraction process actually works.

Now that we have understood that a carpet steam cleaner and shampooer are basically the same thing, we will compare and take a look at why they are better than steam cleaners for carpet cleaning.

Difference between carpet shampooer and steam cleaners

Carpet shampooers are remarkably more accessible than steam cleaners. Steam cleaners usually require specialized support equipment capable of generating high-pressure steam, and sufficient heat and moisture tolerance suction power to suck the steam back out of carpets or rugs. All-in-one steam cleaning units are often quite ineffective at removing stains, and usually generate insufficiently hot steam and insufficient pressure to force the steam into the carpet. In addition, all steam cleaning procedures usually are far less effective at removing dirt from soiled carpets and rugs, as the steam is unable to adequately absorb the particulates that a carpet shampooing cleaner solution can.

Steam cleaners are also particularly difficult to operate properly without causing damage to carpets, rugs, and flooring. Steam cleaners applied to a rug located on a finished wood surface, for instance, can inadvertently cause damage to the lacquer on the wood below, for instance. Applying too much steam in one region can irreversibly alter the manner in which carpet or rug fibers are configured, and some synthetic materials can actually melt if too much steam is applied.

carpet steam cleaner vs carpet shampooer

Carpet Steam Cleaner Is Perfect For Home Cleaning

Carpet shampooers, on the other hand, are generally far friendlier in terms of operating costs, ease of use, and ability to effectively remove soil from carpets and rugs. Plus, carpet shampooers are generally never going to cause damage to wood flooring located underneath a rug (though it is advisable to ensure that any residual moisture on the wood flooring is given a short amount of time to evaporate – this can be accomplished by lifting alternating sides of a rug for a bit, or simply shifting a rug sideways for a short period of time).

If you are a regular home owner who is looking to clean your carpets effectively, a carpet steam cleaner is definitely the better choice. Not only they are affordable and accessible, they are very easy to use as well. Read our carpet steam cleaner reviews and choose the best carpet cleaner today.

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