Hoover vs. Bissell – Which One Should You Buy?

Which Carpet Cleaner Should You Choose?

Both Hoover and Bissell have been around for a long time and are the leaders in cleaning machines. But you will find that some features of each brand are better than the other brand.

Hoovers are made to be light weight and easy to use, where Bissell is meant to be easy to clean. You will find that Bissell carpet cleaners are easier to take apart and keep clean, but their parts tend to be made of lesser quality plastics. Hoover carpet cleaners can be dragged anywhere in your home and are light enough for anyone to carry, but tend to have more expensive part to replace. If you are deciding on a Hoover or Bissell carpet cleaner and wondering which one is better, below is a comparison between their popular models, the Hoover Steam Vac and the Bissell Proheat.

Hoover Steam Vac vs. Bissell Proheat 2x

hoover vs bissell

Here are the features of each one and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Both cleaners use 12 amp motors, but their cleaning brushes are designed very differently.  The Hoover has 5 spinning brushes, where the Bissell has 12 rows of brushes. The advantages to the Bissell is that is does bring more dirt to the surface, but it creates hairballs that just sit on top of your carpet, especially if you are a pet owner.  This means that your carpet is getting a deeper cleaning with the Bissell, but it will require extra work then the Hoover creates.

The tank designs are also very different,the Bissell has only one tank with a built in heater and the Hoover has two separate tanks for clean and dirty water. The Hoover will not contaminate your clean water with the grime that you already have pulled from your carpet, but it will only get as hot as temperature of tap water you fill it with.

The Hoover does hold more clean water, but you will have to fill it more often than expected, because it does not hold its temperature well. The Bissell only has only one 1 gallon tank, but the heater brings the temperature of the water up by 25 degrees. So you will have extremely hot water for deep cleaning , but depending on the level of dirt in your carpet, you may have to replace the water more than you like because the water becomes too dirty to use.

The weight of the carpet cleaners is dramatically different. The Hoover weighs only 17.3 pounds, where as the Bissell weighs 34.7 pounds. This may make the Bissell more difficult to use for stairs or if you are unable to lift over a certain weight.

The argument of Hoover vs. Bissell cannot just be answered with just personal preferences, but also the true facts behind the product. With Hoover you will get better quality, but the Bissell provides better cleaning power. So the real argument is which aspect of a carpet cleaner is more important to you.

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